Character Conduct

Amarrian Loyalists

While active roleplay is generally optional, you must always remember who and what we are and carry yourself accordingly in all public actions. Roleplay is never a valid justification for breaching CVA rules or our own code of conduct.

Whether or not you intend to roleplay, any public actions taken in the game or in in-character channels and events must not be in conflict with our commitment to the Empire. Doing so is considered a very serious offense as it is a direct attack on the history and identity of Imperial Dreams.

We are not just a corporation affiliated with Amarr, we are a corporation of Amarrian loyalists.

  • We are subjects of the Golden Throne (no matter what CONCORD believes) and practitioners of the Imperial Rite.
  • Some characters were born into it and never left the straight and narrow, some abandoned their roots and later developed faith. Others came as converts. The path your character walked to reach this stage is up to you, as is your character’s level of zeal, but this basic affirmation sits at the root of who we are.
  • If your character was not born in the Empire, you must have converted to the faith before joining. Only foreign characters who have fully embraced the Amarrian faith and forsworn their previous loyalties may join Imperial Dreams.
  • If your character was born in the Empire, they must not currently embrace another faith or a heresy. The assumption is that any Amarrian follows the true faith to some extent. Even if their faith is almost non-existent, they should not appear to violate this assumption.
  • Your character must be a loyal servant of the Amarr Empire. We do not accept characters who have chosen to serve the other empires, even our allies in the Caldari State.
  • While as players we consider the practice abhorrent, our characters consider slavery to be a divinely ordained institution for assuring the spiritual welfare and growth of those who are not yet ready to take up the burden of freedom. If your character chooses to make jokes about slavery or talks about mistreating your slaves expect to be treated like a blasphemer.
  • As a reminder, there is nothing in the Amarrian religion that says all Minmatar should be slaves and slavery isn’t limited to the Minmatar.
  • Holders can and do regularly free slaves. Consistently failing to do so is considered a sign that you are a failure as a Holder since you apparently are too incompetent to guide slaves and their descendants to the point they are ready to take up the mantel of a free believer – though the process is expected to take several generations.

Try to avoid roleplay that puts us in the position where the only reaction we could justify in-character is removing you from the corporation. Beyond the other considerations, it is incredibly rude to the other people who do roleplay.

Many of us choose Imperial Dreams because of its long-standing, well-defined roleplay positions. By creating that kind of situation you are forcing everyone else to either abandon a long standing tradition we value or deal with the high divisive act of expelling a member, just so you can do what you want.

As an example, if you decide you want your character to convert to one of the Sani Sabik cults, do not be surprised if we are forced to cut the heresy out of our midsts. Unless you are planning on having that character leave anyway, it won’t be fun for anyone. If that is the only way you can stay “true” to your character, your character is in the wrong corporation.


  • Everyone has a different grasp on the lore behind New Eden. If you make a mistake out of ignorance and have your character do or say something they really would never do, admit the mistake and retract it as best you can. If you are roleplaying with someone and they make a mistake, let them retract it.
  • If you are unsure if someone is role-playing, ask them. Do not assume they are or are not and take offense.
  • Maintain character when in in-character channels. If you must insert an out-of-character comment or question enclose it in double parenthesis.
  • Do not bring role-play into channels that are explicitly out-of-character. Your character may be a haughty Amarrian holder with boorish behavior, but that persona should not carry over into your out-of-character interactions.
  • Roleplay is a part of the game, it is not a side distraction that has no bearing on the “real” game. To think otherwise in a corporation with our history is foolish.
  • Be aware that roleplay actions can have real ramifications in other areas of the game. Unless you specifically want those ramifications adjust your role-play accordingly. If you do want them, then coordinate with the others out of character to limit the potential for real-world confusion and anger.
  • Ultimately you the player are responsible for everything your character does or says. If the path they are on is causing real problems for yourself or others, it is up to you to adapt your character concept.