Imperial Dreams Application

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API Keys

You must give us a full, account-level, non-expiring API key for every account you own.

To create an API key:

  1. Go to the EVE website. You may have to login first.
  2. Give the key a name. This is for your use and may be anything you like.
  3. Character should be set to All
  4. Type should be set to Character
  5. Check the box No Expiry
  6. Leave all of the yellow boxes selected.
  7. Press SUBMIT. You should be directed to the API Key Management screen.
  8. Locate the key you just made in the list and make sure it shows Never next to Expires
  9. Copy the number labeled Key ID: and paste it into the API Key Id box below.
  10. Copy the letters and number labeled Verification Code: and paste it into the API Verification Code box below.

You need to repeat these steps for each account you own. Paste the additional keys in the Additional Keys box below. We need the Key ID and Verification Code for each API key. We do not need the Access Mask