Our Dream

Reclaiming Providence in the Name of the Empire
A pleasure to see so many long-standing loyalists to the throne present. CVA, PIE, names written into the history books of the Empire.
Empress Catiz I, on the occasion of her coronation.
September 27, YC1182016

Like No Other

What other corporation, guild, or player organization has had the honor of celebrating 15 years of continuous service? Such an established organization, not just in EVE, but in the whole of gaming is both rare, and venerable.

 Are you ready to Experience EVE in a way none of these other corps can?

Our Origins

Imperial Dreams is one of EVE’s oldest and most recognizable corporations. Established June 2nd, 2003YC105, Imperial Dreams, together with Praetoria Imperials Excubitoris Inc. formed the Curatores Veritatis Alliance.

In the years since we, together with our friends, worked to Reclaim the Providence region and enforce Amarrian Law both in Providence and in the low-security areas surrounding it.

Imperial Dreams Today

Today, under the banner of CVA, we control two star systems in the Providence region, each with its own station. We maintain a large BPO library and are constantly producing ships and equipment to support the region.

Our pilots have access to daily military and industrial fleets. There are always on-going industrial projects suitable to new and experienced industrialists.

After 15 years we remain an active corporation. If you would like to fly with us, please apply today.

Our Beginnings

From our founding, we have always been loyal to the Amarr Empire. While other capsuleers have pushed for independence from the empires, we have worked to support the Empire in any way we could.

Originally we accepted only Amarrian members. We exclusively flew Amarr’s superior Golden Hulls. This policy was in place for over a decade.

An Amarrian Tradition

Amarr has long made a practice of integrating those of other bloodlines who were spiritually ready to take up their place in society. The earliest days of the Reclaiming saw the Khanid willingly adopt the true faith and enter Amarrian society.

Later, the voluntary conversion of the Ni-Kunni proved that even those not native to Amarr Prime could embrace the faith, entering society directly as free believers.

The Dream Today

After much prayerful consideration, Imperial Dreams decided to embrace this ancient tradition. We began accepting any who convert to the true faith, with the stated goal of raising them up to become heroes and beacons of faith in their own right.

Though some of our members were born in other places, we remain an Amarrian corporation. Every pilot is expected to be loyal to the Empire and practitioners of the true faith.