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Extremely old player


hi all

im a player back from 2003-2007, wondering mainly if we still have anyone around from back then.

when I was in the Corp it was run by Aralis, Pers, Hardin and others whose names escape me.

im considering returning to the game, but only if the Corp and alliance are run like they used to be, I don’t want to come back to some Uber hard-core kick if you miss 5 minutes.

if anyone remembers me, I played under the name Maidel.


Hi there,

I was around from 2006 to 2009 or so, though in a friendly neighbourhood holder alliance, not IG. I do remember Aralis and Hardin, neither is unfortunately around anymore. Current leadership is great at what they do and you are most definitely not going to be kicked for reasonable absences. Hit up the public channel and say hello 🙂


Well you're in luck Maidel.  A bunch of the old guard has returned including Aralis.  Feel free to apply.  The public channel is   Guards



Well hi Maidel long time no see.  🙂  Well timed return!  Be good to have you back.


Wow, weird timing.

Have a few work commitments to get through, but will try and sort myself out by mid summer.